My Cat Grass Wins Another Award – The SME Greater London Enterprise Award for “Best Nationwide Pet Grass Growing Kits Provider 2021”. We were proud to be nominated for this award and really pleased to win. Bleu Stessia, MD of Indoor Cat Ltd who manages the brand said “This award really represents all the passion and innovation that has gone into creating this quality product that really benefits cats’ health. Over the last twelve months we have extended our range to include Alfalfa Cat Grass kits for cats suffering from CKD and PKD to enjoy displaying their natural behaviour to eat plant matter in a safe way – even with these existing health conditions. Furthermore the addition of our Grow Your Own Catnip and Dandelion Kits have proved extremely popular with cat owners wishing to really bring a mini garden indoors for Indoor Cats”.

About the awards…

The past year has been trying for many industries, and for smaller businesses who may be unable to have an online presence, even more so. To combat the lockdowns throughout the last 18 months, many businesses have thrived on the localised traffic they received, becoming more well-known in their own community.

Now in its fifth year, SME News Greater London Awards programme is recognising the work done by small and medium businesses in Greater London, which were able to continue despite the difficulties COVID-19 presented. Among this year’s winners are micro companies with a focus on creating wonderful products, to medium sized businesses with an aim to provide a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Discussing the success of these deserving winners, Awards Coordinator Emma Pridmore praised the programme’s winners: “Congratulations to all the businesses recognised in this year’s awards. It’s always exciting to reach out to people with the good news, and I wish you all the best for the future.”

Emma Pridemore, SME News

My Cat Grass wins another award!

My Cat Grass Grow Your Own Kit - Spelt Wheat

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