Your Story – See who loves My Cat Grass

We love to hear about Your Stories! You might want to tell us why you chose to give My Cat Grass a try or how Your cat has benefited from My Cat Grass. Or you might just want to share a picture of your cat enjoying My Cat Grass. We understand that without you, My Cat Grass wouldn’t be where it is today. Your story, is where we are proud to showcase cats from all over the world that love My Cat Grass. If you want to share your story check out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll add Your Story.

Your Story Competition

If adding your cat to the My Cat Grass website isn’t enough of an incentive then how about getting your total order value free? Each Month My Cat Grass runs the “Your Story Competition”. Simply place an order and submit Your Story along with 3 good quality images or 30 second video and we’ll enter you into the competition. The winner each month will have their total order value refunded. Please see the bottom of the page for competition Terms and Conditions.

Your Story

Does your cat love My Cat Grass? We’d love to hear your story and see pictures of your kitty enjoying My Cat Grass. Complete the form below and we will add your story along with pictures of kitty to our website. Bingo, one more famous internet cat. Please read the “Your Story” competition rules if you wish to be entered in the the monthly “Your Story” competition.

    “Your Story” Competition Terms and Conditions:

    • You may enter without a purchase however as the prize consists of an order value refund, their will be no prize awarded for entrants with no valid order number assigned to that customer, in the month of entrance.
    • You may enter the “Your Story” competition once for each order placed, however a new story and images / video must be submitted  for each entrance
    • You must provide a valid order number, assigned to your customer account, with your entrance, to be entered into the competition. Your order number can be found on your order confirmation email. Your order number looks like #12345.
    • The month of entrance into the competition will be based upon when your entrance is posted on the “Your Story” page of
    • You must provide at least 3 good quality images or one 30 second video with your entry to be included in the competition
    • You must tell us about your cat, why they like My Cat Grass or what benefits you have seen in your cat since using My Cat Grass – if you have any issues with any My Cat Grass products please get in touch as soon as possible so we can assist you as we want to make sure all our customers are 100% happy!
    • One winner will be selected each month using a true random number generator
    • Subscribers may enter each month using one subscription order number and following all the terms and conditions of the competition. Subscriptions are made up of orders and the single order value will be refunded if they are selected as that months winner
    • The winner agrees to be notified via email,, newsletters, You Tube, our social media channels and /or  phone call to ensure; The prize winner is notified, all entrants are notified of the monthly competition winner and to ensure trust in the competition that a monthly winner has been assigned and prize issued.
    • The Winner must agree to have their Winner Story shared on, newsletters, You Tube and our social media channels