Ready Grown Cat Grass Pots

Ready Grown Cat Grass Pots by My Cat Grass is a Premium Quality, Organic Certified, Fresh Cat Grass, grown ready for your cat to enjoy. Delivered to your door overnight by courier, by hand – no conveyor belts here! It arrives as fresh as we packed it. Using only the finest, certified organic & vegan soil and seeds, we ensure our food grade cat grass meets the highest standards. Choose between Cat Grass Pots or Trays with Frequencies varying by product and your preference. All shipments are sent via overnight delivery – although subscription boxes are only sent once a month around the 9th of each month.

Overnight Orders & Subscription Shipping Information

Please take the time to read our shipping information for your selected Ready Grown Cat Grass. Shipping information for Overnight Delivery orders differs to subscriptions shipping so please check the shipping info for your chosen product.

Ready Grown Cat Grass – Overnight Delivery

Ready Grown Cat Grass – Every / Each Month

Ready Grown Cat Grass – Every Two Months

Ready Grown Cat Grass – Every Three Months

What’s In Your Ready Grown Cat Grass Box?

4 Freshly Grown Pots of Cat Grass?

Fresh, 3/4 Grown, Organic Cat Grass

My Cat Grass Box

4 pots of 3/4 grown Fresh Cat Grass for you to dot around the house or put in one of My Cat Grass, Cat Stations

 A Surprise In Every Box

Always A Little Surprise In Every Box?

Cat Grass Box

We don’t want to spoil the surprise but in every box we always add a little something extra for your cat

 A Box!

Kitty Loves Boxes, This One’s Special!

My Cat Grass Box

OK, it may not be as glam as this box, but it will certainly provide hours of fun for your kitty!

Need Somewhere To Place Your Cat Grass?

Introducing My Cat Grass Station

My Cat Grass Station has unique wall mounted modern design to keep your cat grass off the floor and at the correct height for your cat. Available in classic and contemporary colours, My Cat Grass station is hygienic, dishwasher safe and easy to install.

My Cat Grass Station

The Cat Grass Station is a non slip, non topple-over, leak proof, modern, hygienic – dishwasher safe, Cat Grass Holder. Just pop your My Cat Grass Subscription Pots into the individual holders, water and you’re cats are ready to enjoy their Cat Grass! With the deep holders you can look forward to no more spills and leaks. Unlike the usual shallow wide Grow your own kits, the My Cat Grass Station is wall mounted so serves My Cat Grass at the correct height for your cats in a clean modern and convenient way. Easy – two screw – installation, in under ten minutes! Serve your Cat Grass without the spills, trip hazards and digging!

  • Modern Design

  • Ideal Height For Cats

  • Splashback Available In 10 Colours

  • Holds My Cat Grass Subscription Pots

  • Leak Proof – No More drips & Spills

  • Space Saving Wall Mounted Design

  • Hygienic – Dishwasher Safe Pots

  • Simple, Two Screw Installation

  • No Digging!

“My Cat Gass Station” is available in a range of colours to suit every home…

My Cat Grass Station Available Colours