5 10, 2021

My Cat Grass Wins Another Award

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My Cat Grass Wins Another Award - The SME Greater London Enterprise Award for "Best Nationwide Pet Grass Growing Kits Provider 2021". We were proud to be nominated for this award and really pleased to win. Bleu Stessia, MD of Indoor Cat Ltd who manages the brand said "This award really represents all the passion and innovation that has gone into creating this [...]

30 01, 2020

Why Does My Cat Eat Grass?

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There are hundreds of  websites, blogs and you tube videos all attempting to explain "why does my cat eat grass?". With so many myths, misinformation and differing opinions how do you separate fact from fiction? Who do you trust? Having waited 11 years since their last report, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine conducted research in to plant eating habits in domestic cats. [...]

6 05, 2019

Delivery Schedule Update May 2019

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Delivery Schedule Update - May 2019. We are pleased to confirm our delivery dates for May 2019. Our usual monthly shipment for customers who subscribe before the 1st of May 2019 will have their shipments dispatched on Tuesday the 7th of May for delivery on Wednesday the 8th of March for customers who ordered overnight shipping and on or around the 9th/10th of [...]

7 01, 2019

Where To Buy Cat Grass

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Where To Buy Cat Grass "Where To Buy Cat Grass?" or "Where Should I Buy Cat Grass?" is simple once you know the questions you should be asking before you buy. With our easy to follow, yet detailed buyers guide, we hope you will be better informed about where to buy cat grass. How We Chose The brands We Compared [...]

10 12, 2018

Christmas Cat Grass Trial Pack

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Christmas Cat Grass Trial Pack - Delivered Christmas Eve C hristmas Cat Grass Packs are a great way to treat your cat to something amazing this Christmas? Between December the 10th and midday, Thursday December the 20th we are taking orders for Christmas Cat Grass Trial Pack to be delivered on Christmas Eve. If you haven’t thought of what to [...]

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