Cat Grass Care – Top Tips

Cat Grass Care will help keep your cat grass in suitable condition for your cats to enjoy for up to three weeks if planted in soil. Cat grass care is the same throughout the whole life cycle of your cat grass and by following these four simple tips, Watering, Ventilation, Temperature and Sunlight you will get the best out of your cat grass. We will cover each topic one by one.


Direct sunlight will prevent your cat grass from growing

Place your Cat Grass in INDIRECT sunlight


As MY Cat Grass is grown in soil it will continue to grow in your home

The ideal temperature for cat grass is 16 – 19 degrees celsius


Ensure your cat grass is placed where there is good ventilation

Pick spots where your cat can enjoy My Cat Grass undisturbed


Ensure your cat grass is well SPRAYED twice each day

Try to avoid using a watering can as the tendency is to over water

Cat Grass Care – Sunlight

Whilst your Cat Grass needs lots of sunlight it is essential that you do not place your Cat Grass in direct sunlight. If placed in direct sunlight, your Cat Grass will start to die as it is overexposed to the suns rays. It may also dry out. Ideal places to put your cat grass are on window sills in bathrooms where the window has frosted glass. This provides plenty of indirect sunlight, exactly what your cat grass needs. Alternatively you can install a My Cat Grass Station on a wall near a patio / French window / bay window which will provide the ideal sunlight, ventilation and temperature conditions for your Cat Grass.

Cat Grass Care – Temperature

Keeping your cat grass healthy and growing for as long as possible will mean keeping your cat grass at the right temperature. The ideal temperature for cat grass is between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius. This is easily achieved, you simply need to think about where you place your cat grass.

  • Place away from cold drafts
  • Out of direct sunlight – but make sure there is still plenty of light!
  • Wall mount using the My Cat Grass Station
  • Never store your cat grass in the fridge!

Cat Grass Care – Ventilation

Place your cats grass away from cold drafts but in a well ventilated area. This will need to be somewhere your cat grass can grow at a consistent temperature and where your cats will not be disturbed whilst they enjoy their treat. Installing a My Cat Grass Station is the ideal solution as this wall mounted grass station helps serve the cat grass at just the right height for your kitty whilst also ensuring that your cat grass is off the floor avoiding those cold drafts. Wall fixings are ideal as your homes central heating circulates airĀ around your home, ventilation is created up the height of walls as air is heated and rises. Being low down on the wall keeps the cat grass at the ideal heat of between 16 and 19 degrees celsius.

  • Ensure good ventilation
  • Away from cold drafts
  • Place where your cat can enjoy My Cat Grass undisturbed
  • Install the My Cat Grass Station

Cat Grass Care – Watering

You will need to water your My Cat Grass pods with 1 cup of water each, every two days. You can use a watering can but be careful as the tendency is to over water which can promote mould. It is better to water My Cat Grass a little and often so you can adjust without over watering. Spraying the leaves with water twice a day will also help with your Cats water intake. Never use warm or hot water as this will promote mould growth.

Spraying the leaves of My Cat Grass with a spry bottle will aid your cats water intake. Many cats do not drink enough and finding ways to ensure they do, can be frustrating. Simply spraying the Cat Grass leaves with water is a sure way to increase your cats water intake. Cats instinctively lick the leaves or as they chew on the fresh leaves, cats ingest the water on the leaves.

Spray My Cat Grass twice a day until you have a good covering of dew drops across the leaves.