How does MY Cat Grass Work?

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

How does MY Cat Grass work? My Cat Grass is the UK’s first and only Cat Grass Subscription Box. Pick a monthly subscription based on how frequently you would like us to send you freshly grown, organic soil certified, Cat Grass. We grow the cat grass and ship to your door overnight so it arrives fresh and ready for your cat to enjoy.

1. Choose a Subscription

Sign up for a Monthly plan and we’ll ship your My Cat Grass box every month. You’ll receive fresh My Cat Grass ready for your cat to enjoy.

Subscription frequencies vary between products to suit your preference.

  • Monthly

  • Bi-Monthly (every other month)

  • Tri-Monthly (every three months)

2. We Grow, Add Treats And Pack

Grown to order, we carefully select and pack My Cat Grass so it if fresh and ready to enjoy. We only ever use 100% Wheat Grass seeds.

  • 3/4 Grown – Ready To Use

  • Grown In Organic, Soil Association Approved Soil That’s also certified Vegan friendly!

  • 100% British Wheat Grass Seeds Guaranteed

  • We Add Your Cat’s Surprise Treat/Toy

  • Ready To Use

3. Delivered To Your Door

We ship My Cat Grass subscription boxes via overnight delivery ensuring it arrives at its best. My Cat Grass arrives within 24 hours of packing to your door.

  • Delivered to your door

  • Overnight Shipping – Arrives Fresh

  • Fragile Handling – No conveyor belts here!

  • Order Tracking – Included Free

  • Shipped On The 9th Of Every Month

How Does My Cat Grass Work – Choosing a Subscription

Choosing a Subscription couldn’t be easier. Each subscription box contains 4 x 3/4 grown ready to use pots of Fresh Organic cat Grass so all you have to chose is how frequently you would like it delivered. You can opt for Monthly, bi-monthly or every three months! Sign up for a Monthly plan and we’ll ship your My Cat Grass box every month. You’ll receive 4 pots of fresh My Cat Grass ready for your cat to enjoy.

A safe option to stimulate your cat’s environment, replicate natural behaviour and a healthy alternative to fatty cat treats.

How Does My Cat Grass Work – Growing, Treats, Packing!

How does My Cat Grass Work - Seeds

Using viability tested seeds – no older than the previous season – often heritage species Wheat Grass we grow your cat grass to order each and every month. We carefully select and pack pots that are 3/4 grown so My Cat Grass is ready for your cat to enjoy and lasts longer – up to three weeks!. We only ever use 100% Organic certified Wheat Grass seeds. My Cat Grass is packed 3/4 grown – ready to use, grown in 9cm organic soil, 100% British Wheat Grass seeds guaranteed and ready to use.

How does My cat Grass work – well we can’t give away any surprises but each monthly subscription box contains a surprise treat for your cat. This might be new cat treats just launched or a simple toy that will provide hours of fun like a straw ball or a catnip furry friend. You’ll just have to wait and see what is next month’s box.

How does My Cat Grass work - Treat
How does My Cat Grass Work - Pack

Using recycled and recyclable packaging, we pack My Cat Grass 3/4 grown so it arrives fresh and ready to use. My Cat Grass can last up to three weeks if cared for following our Cat Grass Care guide which you can find here…

We use recycled cardboard boxes, brown paper, coffee cup holders. florists cellophane cut offs in all of our subscription boxes. Rather than print on our packaging we use tapes and stickers which cab be removed so the packaging can either be used again or recycled.

How Does My Cat Grass Deliver – We Deliver Overnight!

How does my cat grass work - delivery

To ensure My Cat Grass is delivered as fresh as it is packed we ship your delivery overnight using special overnight plant couriers. As My Cat Grass couriers require a signature for your delivery we always ask that you use an address where you will be available to sign for your delivery. We recommend you use your work address if your going to be at work!

You can track your order at any time by selecting this month’s order in your “My Account > Orders page” and clicking on Track My Order!. This will show the real time progress of your order as it makes its way to your door.

Each month when we’re shipping we let everyone know in our Facebook Page here…

How Does MY Cat Grass work for My cat?

  • Stimulate A Cat’s Environment

  • Provide Minerals and Nutrients

  • Prevents Constipation

  • Plus, Cats Love It!

  • Eliminates Fur Balls

  • Aid Digestion

  • Increase Water Intake

  • Mirror Wild Prey Nutrients

  • Convenient – You Order, We Deliver, Happy Cat!

  • 3/4 (Organic, Soil Grown) Cat Grass – Lasts Up To 3 Weeks!

  • 100% Guaranteed British Wheat Grass

  • Guaranteed Fresh, Overnight Delivery

  • Reduced Risk Of Heart & Lung Worm*

  • No More Digging With The My Cat Grass Station