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Why Partner your Brand with My Cat Grass

My Cat Grass is always on the look out for new and innovative Cat Brands to share with our customers. Whether you have a new or well established Cat Brand, Product or Service, My Cat Grass can you help promote your brand.

Do you have an awesome Cat brand, product or service you want to share with cat owners? Are you looking for a way to get your Cat brand in front of Cat owners? My Cat Grass allows you to connect directly with your target customers through our subscription boxes. Cat-owners can explore a wide variety of new and innovative products for their cats without initial purchase – helping you to convert product testers to loyal customers!

How it works:

Simply provide us with sample or full-sized versions of your Product and/or information about your Cat Brand or Service and we carefully ship them into the paws of cats. Cats then show their human decision makers why they should continue to purchase your product.

How we can Help:

You can target your desired demographic based on Cat’s Age, Cat’s Gender, Cat’s Dietary Requirements, Multi-Cat households and more.

  • Place your sample/full size products in our Subscription Boxes

  • Add marketing materials to our subscription boxes

  • Continue to sell your products via our website

  • Support with link backs, article pages, blog articles & social media

  • Help and advice with scheduling your insertion month

Our Ethos

We would love to help you promote your brand, product or service if you share our aim to improve the mental and physical well being of all cats through products that promote better play, diet and environment.

My Cat Grass is a complimentary cat food which enriches the indoor environment of all cats. We are really excited to work with brands and products that promote physical and mental well being for all cats, but especially those that lead a non free-roaming lifestyle – Catio-cats, Patio-Cats, Garden-cats or Indoor-Cats.

My Cat Grass is a brand of Indoor Cat Ltd.

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