What Is In My Cat Grass Box?

Inside every My Cat Grass Box you’ll find 4 pots of Ready Grown Cat Grass or 1 Ready Grown Cat Grass Tray (Regular or Large)- the choice is yours. Freshly grown in Soil Association approved soil, using only 100% British farmed wheat grass seeds.

Freshly Grown Pots or Tray of Cat Grass?

Fresh, 3/4 Grown, Organic Cat Grass Ready To Enjoy 

Cat Grass Box

4 pots or one tray of 3/4 grown Fresh Cat Grass for you to dot around the house or put in one of My Cat Grass, Cat Stations or Cat Grass Tray Stations

 A Box!

Kitty Loves Boxes, This One’s Special!

Cat Grass Box

OK, it may not be as glam as this box, but it will certainly provide hours of fun for your kitty!