Animal Communicators and Healers – Do They Really Work?

Animal Communicators and Healers, Do they really work? It may seem like Anxiety, Mental Health, Stress and dealing with Covid lock downs has been in the news all the time recently. Most of us can relate and are finding ways to deal with what has been a difficult few years. Whilst (as humans) we can communicate our state of mind, find means to improve our mental well-being and work toward resolutions, what can animals do? How are animals affected? And what treatments and practitioners can help? We met up with local Animal Communicator and Healer for animals and humans, Rebecca Rea to learn more…

Animal Communicators and Healers - Rebecca Rea

Introducing Rebecca Rea – Animal Communicator and Holistic Healer.

Rebecca is a customer of My Cat Grass and whilst chatting  about all things Cat Grass we started chatting about what Rebecca does, she mentioned she was an Animal Communicator and Healer which really piqued our interest. Being based in Shropshire, where we have our Grow Room, we wanted to learn more about Rebecca’s skills, what she offers and whether it really works?

MGC: Can you explain a bit more about the animal communication please?

Rebecca: Yes, its about making a connection with animals and Nature, via the energy between us and the natural interconnected web of life that connects us all.  This means that communication doesn’t rely upon having a shared verbal language, nor being the same species or being in the same physical space.  It’s like being able to tune into a particular frequency where part of all of us are interconnected – beyond the daily ins and outs and limitations of being a human, cat, dog, horse, or tree etc….

I believe this is a natural ability we all have at heart.  Sadly much of humanity have disconnected from Nature so much they are stuck in their troubled minds and have forgotten how to relate to themselves and Nature, as a whole intelligent interconnected Being-ness.

MCG: Please excuse us for asking but how do your customers know you are not just making things up?

Rebecca:  It’s healthy to question to ask and reflect upon – I ask myself that question to ensure I keep my honesty and integrity.  I work hard to sift out my own projections and when the communication comes from the animal (which could be in images, sensations etc) I tend to experience a feeling of energy flow coming towards me and feel that I am receiving it.  If I hear a voice or image pop in my head which seems to be going from inside me towards the outside, its usually my own stuff in the way.

Some people want help, but struggle to get past their ‘idea’ that this is not scientific so I invite them to decide in three easy steps:

  1. First and foremost are you curious enough to be open to the possibility
  2. Secondly – if I express the animals’ feelings to you , are you willing to implement changes or actions in response to that? I am an advocate for Nature so it is important that the communication is respected enough that the human tries to meet the requests where possible.
  3. Thirdly – Observe the outcome – judge through experience rather than preconceptions

… this is Science and Animal Communication together.

Animal Communicators and Healers - Ginger

MCG: What services do you offer ?

Rebecca: I offer a range of healing and therapies for animals and also for people.

I offer a free preliminary chat where we can work out together what is needed, and agree an affordable price.  Some pay in full, others have concessions – that way we all help each other out. An example of my Services are:

  • Energy healing and​ Animal Communication combined (remote £30), face to face with your animal from £45 (dependant upon location)
  • Wellbeing Assessment plus one energy healing session (includes a summary plan) £60
  • Togetherness Coaching for you with your animal to strengthen your bond £40 session
  • Meditation coaching for humans with or without your animals – Be the Calm They Need – £40 session
  • ​End of life support through your animal’s transition – Bereavement counselling before or afterwards £50 session
These are guide prices only as everyone’s need is different – all costs will be approved by you prior to any work.  Concessions are available.

MCG: Where do you offer your sessions

Rebecca: Sessions can be face to face if you live locally or if further a field we can meet online

MCG: What do your customers say?

Rebecca: I’ve received many customer testimonials over the years from past customers thanking me for my work with their animals.

MCG: We can see you have a comprehensive list on your website!

Rebecca: Thank you, a few specific mentions are:

“Rebecca, when you connect with Beezy it’s like she’s literally been sedated I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s so lovely to witness and it’s what convinced me you’re not a fake it’s quite magical to see. I can only say thank you and I definitely want you to continue to help building our relationship and with the Energy Healing ”

Struggling with his feelings, Sengo was lashing out at his feline companion. Together with his owner and helped by Bach flower remedies and by listening to what Sengo shared with me, changes were made at home which helped him to calm down and settle more.

Mab was able to tell us which way to brush her so she could tolerate it, and how to help her stress and cystitis.

Find out More…

MCG: How can our readers contact you if they wish to learn more?

Rebecca: Further information, customer testimonials and to book a session you can visit my wesbites:

MCG: Thank you so much for you time Rebecca it was a pleasure to meet you and amazing to learn more about Animal Communicators and Healers.

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