Project Description

Rhys Dylan and Spencer Recommend My Cat Grass

Getting My Cat Grass delivery

Rhys, spencer and Dylan Recommend My Cat Grass but they had to wait an extra day for their special delivery. There was a mix up with my parcel – I had requested the grass be delivered to my place of work but the courier service couldn’t identify which building I was in – not sure why. A quick phone call to Bleu at My Cat Grass and he called the courier and got it all sorted. Although it arrived the next day and the package was a bit dented by this point the grass was still super fresh, in great condition (good packaging) and a dark lush green with water droplets on the leaves. I was really pleased it had arrived safely and couldn’t wait to let Rhys, Spencer and Dylan try it. Was it going to be worth the wait?

About Rhys, Spencer and Dylan

Rhys is the black and white cat, Spencer is the grey tabby, and Dylan is the Maine coon. They are all amazing cats and amazing to have; Spencer is actually half Maine coon and Rhys was a stray. So they’re quiet a diverse trio. They’re all very loving and affectionate especially Dylan who has a condition which means he rubs his eyes until their sore so needs extra care and attention. All three are indoor cats so I had ordered the grass to give them a little taste of the outdoors.

Worth the Wait!

Rhys, Spencer and Dylan all tried the cat grass as you can see from the pictures! They simply loved it. It really is a quality product and they loved it. You can tell it’s really lovely grass and with my cats being indoor cats, I feel comfortable knowing the grass they are munching on is perfectly clean and healthy. It looks quite attractive and contemporary, like a posh pot plant! It’s soft to touch and very lush green. Rhys, Spencer and Dylan kept burying their heads in it and sniffing it too. Definitely worth the wait and so pleased they got to taste the outdoors, indoors.


Rhys Dylan and Spencer Recommend My Cat Grass


Rhys Dylan and Spencer Recommend My Cat Grass


Rhys Dylan and Spencer Recommend My Cat Grass