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Why Rupert and Minnie Think My Cat Grass is Nutritious and Delicious

Rupert and Minnie Recommend My Cat Grass:

Hi, we are Rupert and Minnie and we tested My Cat Grass for the first time this week with the My Cat Grass Trial Pack. Before our humom even opened the box we could smell there was something good inside. The next thing we know, bundles of luscious grass appeared and we couldn’t leave it alone! Not only does it taste good, it’s fun to bury your head in too. We’re mainly indoor cats so this was a real treat and a nice change to our normal dry food. It didn’t make us sick either. We’ve had the grass for 4 days now and it’s still looking and tasting great. Goes down purr-fectly as a side dish! Taste-wise it gets top marks from us. In fact, we’d even give bonus points because the packaging is sustainable too. We think other cats who live mainly indoors will love this too.

What My Cat Grass says:

Hi Minnie and Rupert, Really pleased you enjoyed the Cat Grass and to hear that it is still growing strong. Glad to hear you weren’t sick but that just means you maybe don’t have any furballs at the moment – which is great too! Your Humom must be keeping you in great shape. We’re glad you liked the sustainable packaging – it takes a cat to know a great box!

Thanks Steffi Gray for your kind recommendation (aka, Rupert and Minnie’s Humom).

Do your cats enjoy My Cat Grass?

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Rupert and Minnie

Rupert and Minnie Recommend My Cat Grass


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