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Why Pedigree British recommends My Cat Grass

About Pedigree British 

My name is Annette Harrison and I own and run PEDIGREE BRITISH SHORTHAIR. I am a small, hobby breeder with a passion for British Shorthairs. My cats all receive the very best of care because in reality they are not breeding stock, they are my much loved pets who just happen to have babies and go to shows. Based in the East Midlands,  I am a member of the GCCF’s responsible breeding programme. I’m a firm believer in treating my animals in the best way I can.

Why try My Cat Grass

I decided to try My cat grass as my cats are indoor cats. my intention was to bring the taste of the outside, indoors.  Not quiet sure what to expect, I started off with a My Cat Grass Trial Pack

Pedigree British Shorthair Review

The parcel was well packaged and secure. Due to arrive by 4 o’clock, the parcel actually arrived before 10:30 so was super quick. Upon delivery Aurora (2.5 years old and always an indoor cat) was absolutely delighted. She started eating the cat grass straight away. Already I can see so many benefits to My Cat Grass. My Cat Grass aids with digestion. It prevents digging with the use of the My Cat Grass Station (in its various funky and classic colours). It also helps to create an engaging environment for your cat – Aurora was definitely engaged immediately. My Cat Grass also offers nutritional value similar to some of the nutrients obtained from wild prey. Delivered to your door and ready for your cat to enjoy really makes My Cat Grass safe, healthy and convenient.

As a breeder I love to hear about new products that improve my cats lives and this is one not only does that but does it in a convenient way for cat owners. The only way I can say I recommend My Cat Grass is to let you know that I have now subscribed to the monthly plan and even bought the My Cat Grass Station – in Canary Yellow!

My Cat Grass is absolutely fabulous and I would seriously recommend it to all cats owners but especially those with Indoor Cats who want to get the taste of the outside too!

If you would like to find out more about you can follow the link to their website here. Alternatively you can also read our article on why My Cat Grass recommends breeders like Pedigree British Shorthair here

Buttercup enjoying My Cat Grass

Pedigree British Shorthair Buttercup

Aurora 2.5 years old

Pedigree British Shorthair Buttercup