With the My Cat Grass – Cat Grass Kit you can now grow Premium Quality, Organic Certified, Cat Grass at home too! Available in a range of flavours including Organic Barley, Organic Oat and Organic Spelt Wheat. The Cat Grass Kits are an easy way to grow premium Cat Grass at home.

Included in the Kit is 1 Litre of organic and vegan certified soil, a packet of premium organic certified, non genetically modified seeds. The Cat Grass grows within 8-10 days and with nutrients from the soil the seeds continue growing. This means your cat can enjoy their cat grass for up to 10 days.

Order in multiples of 3 to grow further sets of seeds 8-10 days apart ensuring a continuous supply of fresh Cat Grass. Check out our Grow Your Own Cat Grass Guide here

My Cat Grass Seed and Growing Mediums

Soil Association Organic Certified

Vegan Suitable Certified Soil

Certified Organic Seeds

100% Species Specific Seed Guarantee

98% Seed Viability Guarantee

Soil and Seeds Sourced Directly From British Farmers

All Seeds Tracked Back To Source

Issued With Batch No and Use By Date

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