Our Story

Our Story is really a very simple one. As owners of Indoor Cats “Monte” and “Saffie” we wanted to grow Cat Grass. We were frustrated by  bleached  seeds,  mouldy seeds, non viable seeds – seeds that wouldn’t grow. We were disappointed with expensive Grow Your Own kits with poor containers and growing mediums which where possibly even dangerous to our cats health. Surely growing Cat Grass shouldn’t be this difficult?

As we worked long hours we understood the need for convenience and knew only too well, guilt-treating. We joked “Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could just grow this for us and then deliver it each month?”. As owners we didn’t want to fall into the habit of guilt-treating Saffie and Monte with fatty treats. If they have a constant supply of cat grass, they are happier & healthier and we feel happier we are meeting their needs.

And that was it, My Cat Grass was born.

Our Story - My Cat Grass

Our mission is to produce freshly grown, organic Cat Grass delivered to your door in the convenience of a monthly subscription box.

Our Story - Bleu StessiaBleu Stessia, My Cat Grass

Our Story – Our Beliefs…

From the very outset My Cat Grass has been developed with values at the core of everything we do. Built upon our desires to develop local supplier relationships, be recognised by, and to be members of professional bodies and to be held accountable to the highest standards. From Recycled and Recyclable packaging to Organic Soil Certification and Retail Association Membership, we believe in and are proud of, Our Story.

We Recycle!

Our Story Recycle logo

We are all aware of the impact plastic is having on the environment. That’s why we’re using recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard materials for all of our packaging. It’s not fancy, but it’s good for the environment.

Soil Association Organic Certified

Our Story Soil Association Logo

We grow all of our Cat Grass in Organic certified Soil. This gives the grass all the nutrients it needs to grow after germination – this helps our grass last up to three weeks.

We’re Members

Our Story Pet Retailers Association

As members of the Pet Retailers Association we are proud to adhere to their code of conduct. The code not only covers how we operate our business but how we conduct ourselves. Click on the image to learn more.

We’re Supporting British Farmers

Our Story - British Farmers

Sourcing our seeds only from organic soil certified, British Farmers we are supporting British agriculture. By sourcing our seed locally we can ensure it’s quality, viability and  encourage our farmers to supply hardier and healthier, heritage seeds.

Our Story – Our Credentials…

My Cat Grass is a brand of and backed by Indoor Cat Ltd who believe if something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly. Whether that means being incorporated as a legal entity to being registered with and inspected by Trading standards and gaining and maintaining industry, governing body membership. Our Story is built on professional pride and setting industry standards.

We’re a Ltd Company!

Our Story companies house logo

We pay back into the UK economy and back into the local community. We are an equal opportunities employer and pay our team a fair living wage. We are registered in England Company number 10567382, and are a brand of and backed by Indoor Cat Ltd.

We’re Inspected!

Our Story - Trading Standards Logo

We’re Registered and inspected by Trading Standards. We comply with food grade production regulations. We do this with pride and we are always striving to find new ways of doing things better.

We’re Governed

Our Story - Trading Standards Logo

As PET INDUSTRY FEDERATION members we are proud to ensure all of our pet products meet the highest of standards.

Our Story – Is Your Story

Our stories are linked. If it were not for our customers, we would not be where we are today.So why not hear what our customers have to say about My Cat Grass.

Want to add to Our Story? Have your say & tell us Your Story here…

Our Commitment

We understand that buying off the internet from a company that’s new to you can be a bit scary. You don’t know what the product is going to be like or whether you can trust the sites payment systems. Hopefully we can address your concerns.

My Cat Grass operates a verified website – just look at the logo at the very bottom of the page – this shows you our website is verified as secure. You can also see the green padlock symbol in the address bar which shows you that all data, sent to and from your web browser to our site, is encrypted and secure. And it might also be good to know that we use a payment system that doesn’t process any credit card information on this site. It is all handled directly between you and the bank, making us more secure than most websites when handling credit or debit card payments.

We know you can’t hold the product in your hand like you would at a shop, but if you want to give us a trial, then why not try one of our trial packs. Go ahead and see if we meet your expectations, we promise you won’t be disappointed!