Which Shipping Services Do You Offer?

Choosing Your Courier – Delivery service

There are only a handful of couriers in the UK which will permit plants to travel on their network and only one of these couriers offer a fragile handling option (by hand). Through rigorous testing we have found this service has a 99.9% success rate and highly recommend you select the Overnight Courier by 16:00 (Fragile Handling)  service at checkout.

Overnight Courier by 16:00 (Fragile Handling)

This is our preferred and recommended service. The couriers ship My Cat Grass Subscription boxes by Hand at every stage of the shipment. No conveyor belts! This means your package is guaranteed and protected to arrive in the best possible condition. This is the only service we can offer product quality refunds on as the shipment method guarantees delivery as the product was packaged.

Other Courier Services

We are aware the cost of shipping is a factor in your decision to use our service. Therefore we also offer 

This service is provided by the same courier as our Fragile handling service however this service does not include Fragile Handling and as such conveyor belts are used. W

As the name suggests this shipping method can only be used if you are shipping to a UK mainland registered business address. The payment address can be a home address but the recipients address must be a business address. We cannot ship items where this shipping method has been selected but the address is not recognised by our courier as a registered business address. We highly recommend you call us on 0207 164 6755 and we will be more than happy to check for you. W

Choosing Your Delivery Address

*All courier services we offer require a signature. Due to the perishable nature of the Cat Grass we cannot and will not accept returns / refunds for delivery exceptions and/or failed delivery attempts. To avoid this issue simply chose a delivery address were you will be available to accept the delivery on a weekday. If you work full time we highly recommend using a work address.