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Why Cat Grass Is So Important For Cats In Cold Weather

With temperatures forecast to drop into the single figures over the next few days and to continue throughout January, is it time to think about how you keep your cat healthy, stimulated and active during the colder months, whilst indoors?

What’s the weather going to be like this winter?

According to winter 2018/19 is set to be cold with frequent single digit temperatures and lots and lots of rain. Some key forecasts for January weather:

  • Average Temperature:                 5 degrees Celsius
  • Lowest temperature:                   0 degrees Celsius
  • Sunshine hours per day:              1 hour per day
  • Rainfall:                                       52mm
  • Rainfall Days:                              19 days of rain

However, we all know that forecasts can change quickly, as we saw in 2017, when early December saw snow fall throughout the UK.

With temperatures in the single digits and lots of rain, your cat is more likely to want to spend additional time indoors in the warmth and out of the miserable weather. If it snows then they will need to spend most of the day indoors and for free roaming cats this can become stressful quickly. You should always keep an eye on the weather forecast during the winter and ensure that you cat has access to the indoors or somewhere warm and dry at all times. It is a common myth that because cats have fur coats they are able to deal with cold weather. This is simply, not true.

So how do you keep your cat healthy, stimulated and active during the colder months whilst indoors? Cat Grass is one solution to all three issues! It is a simple way to bring the outdoors, indoors for your cat and the effects can be wide ranging!

Cat Grass is an extremely healthy way to treat your cat (especially after having possibly overindulged during the festivities). Cat Grass has many benefits for your cat such as:

Aiding Digestion

Cat Grass Aids Digestion by supporting the expulsion of fur balls, which in turn reduces the risk of constipation – a serious illness in cats and

Encourages Hydration

We all know how hard it can be to get some breeds of cats to drink enough water. Cat Grass can encourage water intake and improve your cats hydration through chewing on the grass. Each morning dew drops form on the grass and watering your cat grass with a spray water bottle sprays a fine mist onto the cat grass which your cat will then intake whilst chewing on the grass.

Preventing Anxiety

Cat Grass helps to prevent Anxiety from being indoors through performing stimulating activities your cat would normally perform outdoors. If your cat is an outdoor cat then they will normally have unlimited access to grass during the summer months.  Being stuck in doors due to rain, snow or cold weather over the winter removes their access to grass, carrying out natural behaviors and the benefits cat grass offers cats. By buying cat grass for your outdoor cat during winter your are essentially bringing the outdoors indoors for your cat and helping with their stress levels due to weather induced confinement.

Aids Health Maintenance

Rather than feeding cat treats why not offer your cat something that promotes both their mental and physical well being. Cat Grass encourages your cat to exhibit natural behaviours whilst providing a food source which aids their digestion, prevents constipation and UTI’s**. Complimentary treats should only be provided in small quantities. Did you know the maximum daily allowance for Dreamies*** is 20 kibble per day? And for kittens up to one year of age, this is only 6 kibble per day?*** With cat grass you can give your cat unlimited, unrestricted access and whilst treating them you are providing a stimulating activity. You may think that by not treating your cat you are missing out on engaging with your cat but you can always sit next to your cat grass, My Cat Grass – Cat Grass Station or even feed or play with your cat with a leaf of the grass. It is much healthier for them and you can still enjoy that all important interaction.


Cats communicate through scent. Yes, they talk (vocalize) with us, but this is thought to be something cats have evolved especially so they can communicate with humans. Normally, when roaming their territories cats will  leave (mark) scents and sniff scents using their vomeronasal organ (or Jacobsons organ) – a scent analyser used to detect pheromones from other cats. In much the same way, cat grass can be especially beneficial during the winter months for cats in  a multi cat household. The cat grass can be used as a medium for the cats (like a territory marker) for the cats to communicate via scent, indoors, as they would outdoors. The grass is also a new and interesting scent itself, any cat can enjoy.

Cold Weather Cat Grass

How to get Cat Grass in Cold Weather

That’s all great, but how do I grow Cat Grass in winter when there’s such little daylight and the temperatures are so low?

My Cat Grass has the perfect solution to Cold Weather Cat Grass! We grow cat grass all year round and deliver to your door. The subscription service allows you to choose between monthly, bi-monthly or thrice-monthly subscriptions starting from as little as £17.50 per month incl Postage and packaging – if you order a monthly subscription and chose 2-3 day delivery. We also offer a trial pack so you can give us a go if you’re not sure and just want to try it first. The trial pack is not a sample – it is the full product including the “Surprise Cat Gift” we send all our subscribers.

Why Buy Cat Grass from My Cat Grass?

With My Cat Grass you are in safe hands! My Cat Grass is the UK’s first and only Ready Grown Cat Grass Subscription Service. Meaning they grow the cat grass for you – perfect for Cat Grass in Cold Weather. They are organic soil and seed certified, only use soil association approved soil suitable for Vegans. They are the UK’s only pet food grade manufacturers of Ready Grown, Grow Your Own Kits and Seed Pouches of Cat Grass products. Audited by and registered with the FSA’s regional Trading Standards Authority so you can be assured they are pet feed legally compliant including food hygiene which is maintained at the highest standards. My Cat Grass are also proud to be members of the Pet Industry Federation and are pleased to deliver the high standards of customer service the public expects from this industry governing body’s code of practice. My Cat Grass belongs to both the Manufacturing and Retail Associations of PIF. My Cat Grass also minimises the use of plastics in their packaging ensuring where possible all packaging can be recycled

So why not give us a go today, you won’t be disappointed and your cat/s will love you for it. Simpy pick a subscription below.

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  • **UTI is an abbreviation for Urinary Tract Infection
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