My Cat Grass Subscription Pot - Holder

The Cat Grass Subscription Pot - Holder; is the Ikea Sunnersta container designed by Henrik Preutz.  Available direct from Ikea or here at My Cat Grass for cost + shipping and taxes for your convenience. Four of these pots are included with each "My Cat Grass Station" free of charge. Made of Grade 5 (recyclable) plastic, these pots were incorporated into the design of the My Cat Grass Station. These Pots perfectly fit the My Cat Grass Subscription pots. We then designed the Cat Grass Station to accommodate these pots at the correct angle and height to serve My Cat Grass to your cat. Great as a replacement or to add additional pots to your My Cat Grass Station. This single pot holder slides onto the My Cat Grass Station. The Plastic container ensures that My Cat Grass Pots are served to your cat at just the right height. They prevent digging and keep your cat amused for hours of healthy snacking.