My Cat Grass is the UK’s only Pet Food Grade producer of a range of Cat Grass products. Our range includes Ready Grown Cat Grass – Pots and Trays, Grow Your Own Cat Grass Kits, Premium Cat Grass Seed Pouches, Cat Grass Beds and Catnip & Grow Your Own Cat Friendly Plants. Our entire range is pet food grade, in fact we’re the only UK licensed producer of a range of pet food grade cat grass products. We’re certified organic, soil association approved, and only use seeds sourced from British Farmers. Order once or subscribe to any product to receive regular cat grass to meet your cats’. cat grass needs.

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Tray of Cat Grass

Ready Grown Trays

Order a Ready Grown Cat Grass Tray with overnight delivery or Subscribe and save! Our Trays are ideal to serve your cat grass in a free standing tray or the My Tray Station. Available in two sizes; Regular or large. View our range of Ready Grown Cat Grass Trays.

Cat Grass

Ready Grown Cat Grass Pots

Order one a box of Ready Grown Cat Grass Pots with overnight delivery or Subscribe and save! Our Ready Grown Cat Grass pots are designed to dot around the house or place in the My Cat Grass Station. Check out our range of Ready Grown Cat Grass Pots.

Cat Grass

My Cat Grass – Grow Your Own Kits

Grow Your Own Cat Grass using only organic certified soil and seeds sourced direct from British Farmers.  Exactly the same seeds and soil we use for our Ready Grown Cat Grass these kits are consistently reliable. Available in Wheat, Barley and Oat Varieties.

Cat Grass

Premium Cat Grass Seed Pouches

Want to grow cat grass using your choice of growing medium? Maybe you have a favourite pot you want to use? If so, My Cat Grass Seed Pouches are perfect for you. 100% organic, premium Cat Grass Seed. Available in Wheat, Barley and Oat Varieties.

Cat Grass

Cat Grass Trays and Stations

Need somewhere to put your Cat Grass? Our range of Cat Grass Stations are hygienic, dishwasher safe, modern & stylish. Chose your preferred style of Ready Grown Cat Grass (tray or pots) then chose the right cat grass station to purrfectly serve your cat grass.

My Cat Grass, For your Cat’s Mental & Physical Well being…

Cat Grass is an essential behavioural need for all domesticated cats. Latest scientific research* reveals that non-digestible plants purge the intestinal system of helminthic parasites (worms). The explanation offered by the researchers is that “regular plant eating by domestic cats is an innate predisposition (natural behaviour) of regular plant eating by wild ancestors”. The team concludes that cat owners should “Buy or cultivate indoor grass for your cat/s to chew on. This will give them a chance to exercise this innate behavior with a safe source of nonpoisonous plant life”.

*Characterization of plant eating in cats 2019 (Benjamin L. Hart, Lynette A. Hart and Abigail P. Thigpen, 2019) – UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Benefits Of Cat Grass

You may be surprised to hear that there are many benefits of Cat Grass. From helping to deal with furballs, preventing constipation to encouraging water intake, Cat Grass has lots of benefits for cats. In fact we wonder why it isn’t common knowledge just how important cat grass is for cats.

What Are The Benefits Of Cat Grass?

  • Eliminates Fur Balls

  • Aid Digestion

  • Increase Water Intake

  • Mirrors Wild Prey Intake

  • Encourages Natural Marking Behaviour

  • Proactively Assists with UTI Prevention

  • Assists with Resolving “Scarf & Barf”

  • Stimulates A Cat’s Environment

  • Provide Minerals and Nutrients

  • Prevents Constipation

  • Plus, Cats Love It!

Why Buy My Cat Grass?

  • Convenient – You Order, We Deliver, Happy Cat!

  • 3/4 (Organic, Soil Grown) Cat Grass – Lasts Up To 3 Weeks!

  • 98.8% Viable Seeds – Reliable Seeds That Grow

  • Guaranteed Fresh, Overnight Delivery – Ready Grown Customers

  • Reduced Risk Of Heart & Lung Worm*

  • No Bleached Or Repackaged Seeds

  • 100% Directly Sourced From British Farmers

  • Three Variations (flavours) Of Cat Grass – One To Suit Every Cat

  • The UK’s only Pet Food Grade Producer of Cat Grass

  • Licensed & Audited By Trading Standards

  • My Cat Grass is a genuine UK Registered Ltd Company

Ready To Order? Check Out Our Shop

With fresh, READY GROWN Cat Grass, GROW YOUR OWN KITS and CAT GRASS SEED POUCHES all available individually or as monthly subscriptions, there is a Cat Grass to suit you and your cat.

My Cat Grass Station

The Cat Grass Station is a non slip, non topple-over, leak proof, modern, hygienic – dishwasher safe, Cat Grass Holder. Just pop your My Cat Grass Subscription Pots into the individual holders, water and you’re cats are ready to enjoy their Cat Grass! With the deep holders you can look forward to no more spills and leaks. Unlike the usual shallow wide Grow your own kits, the My Cat Grass Station is wall mounted so serves My Cat Grass at the correct height for your cats in a clean modern and convenient way. Easy – two screw – installation, in under ten minutes! Serve your Cat Grass without the spills, trip hazards and digging!

  • Modern Design

  • Ideal Height For Cats

  • Splashback Available In 10 Colours

  • Holds My Cat Grass Subscription Pots

  • Leak Proof – No More drips & Spills

  • Space Saving Wall Mounted Design

  • Hygienic – Dishwasher Safe Pots

  • Simple, Two Screw Installation

  • No Digging!

“My Cat Gass Station” is available in a range of colours to suit every home…

My Cat Grass Station Available Colours

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